Q: What is this tournament about?

A: The PGL Asia Minor Championship will see the top 8 up-and-coming CS:GO teams in Asia fight in a LAN event for a $50,000 prize pool and two slots in the offline qualifier for the next CS:GO Major.

Q: What are the playoff dates?

A: June 1 – 4, 2017.

Q: How many teams advance to the playoff from the qualifiers?

A: The slot allocation varies between regions:

  • China – 1 slot
  • East Asia – 1 slot
  • Middle East – 1 slot
  • Oceania – 1 slot
  • India & Southeast Asia – 2 slots

Q: Where will the playoff be hosted?

A: The playoff will be hosted in China. Location to be announced.

Q: What will be the format of the playoff?

A: Two GSL groups (four teams in each, top 2 advance) into a double-elimination playoff

Q: Where can teams register in the qualifiers?

Q: What is the schedule for the qualifiers?


April 21 – 23
East Asia
Middle East

April 24 – 28
India & Southeast Asia

April 28 – 30


Q: Can a player participate in the tournament if his account is VAC banned in CS:GO?

A: No. Any players who are VAC banned in CS:GO on any of their accounts will be immediately disqualified

Q: Can a player participate in the tournament if he is suspended by Valve for match-fixing?

A: No.

Q: What happens to the team of a VAC banned / Valve suspended player?

A: Any team with a VAC banned / Valve suspended player in CS:GO in its roster during the tournament will be disqualified as well

Q: What about the other players from a banned team?

A: No players from a banned team are allowed to compete in other teams that are still in the tournament

Q: Can teams which have players that competed in the previous CS:GO Major participate in the tournament?

A: Yes, but only if no more than two players competed together on the same team in the most recent CS:GO Major Championship

Q: What maps will the tournament be played on?

A: The tournament will use the Valve official versions of the maps in the Active Duty Map Group